What vessel data do you need to import a vessel?

Vessel data:

  • Vessel name
  • Vessel width in meters
  • Vessel length (LPP) in meters
  • Block coefficient in meters
  • Roll radius in meters
  • Metacenter height in meters
  • Max Service speed operation in  knots
  • Max service speed transit in knots
  • Waterline to deck in meters
  • Deck height in meters
  • Deck width in meters
  • Deck length in meters
  • Rail height in meters
  • Rail width in meters
  • Numbers of beams (T-bars in the deck)
  • Beam distance. the distance between beams in millimeters
  • Zero-line Offset. Distance from aft deck to Zero-frame in millimeters

In addition you get better use out of Deckplanner if we get the GA drawings and crane diagram.

You can also download this excel sheet to see an example of vessel parameters that we need.

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