A new generation of software for offshore vessel operations

Fast, safe and simple mobilization for offshore vessels

Deckplanner at a Glance

Vessel planning and offshore operations can be a complex and time consuming activity.

With Deckplanner you can easily create and visualize deck layouts in full 3d, and perform integrated seafastening calculations.
All team members can see and evaluate operational tasks and better understand the possible risks and consequences.

This enables you to spend less time on time consuming tasks and document revisions, and enables the engineers and management to focus on value-creating tasks.

Technical Features

Drag and drop interface for deck-layouts

3D model library of offshore containers and equipment

Generate PDF documents with your deck layout

Automatically generate seafastening calculations

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Simplified workflow

Deckplanner enables a simplified workflow for planning mobilization of offshore operations.

Select you vessel, or design your own and import a DXF drawing to see the t-bars and other details of the deck.
Use the available library of units to create your deck layout, change the dimensions, center of gravity, color and other unit parameters, or you can add your own CAD models to the unit library.
Add the necessary grillage and doors to the units to finalize your deck layout.

When the deck layout is complete you can save your project to the cloud or on your computer to share it with your team members and collaborators.

The finished deck layout can be converted to a PDF document that can be printed and Deckplanner will automatically generate seafastening calculations.

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Deckplanner is currently in a beta release and tested by a few selected companies. We are aiming for a general release in 2021.

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